How we farm

We farm because we love to grow good quality, affordable, nutritious fruit.

At Reyes Farms we are always actively researching and experimenting with organic and alternative ways to improve our soil quality and how to grow our fruit in the most sustainable, healthy way possible

We manage our orchard on a daily basis, assessing the needs and threats as they present themselves.  Each year presents new challenges for us, different from the previous year.   The Niagara Region specifically has generally high humidity levels, which create an environment where disease thresholds may be high.  Our best practices include using a combination of organic products and an integrated pest management system (IPM).   Simply, IPM means that we do everything possible to avoid using any conventional products.  But, if it means we are going to lose our crops, due to pests and diseases that cannot be controlled by using organic products, then we consciously choose the least harmful options available on the market

All of our pest control methods are identified and targeted to the specific threat that is present at that time.   We truly believe that our fruit is safe to eat – and you can catch us in the orchard enjoying them on a regular basis on our breaks.

We also want you to know that there are many more aspects to farming in a sustainable way…..and we are very passionate to share our knowledge with you.

Get to know us…..inform yourself and ask us as many questions as you like.   We farm because we love to grow good quality, affordable, nutritious fruit.

We believe we can make a difference by growing and selling our food locally, replenishing & nurturing our soil and making good conscious choices that have a positive impact on the environment and the economy and for many generations to come.

What we Believe

Ignacio and Mimi believe that the food you eat and the way you grow it is the most important decision you make every day.