Welcome to Reyes Farms ... A little history

Farming's in our blood, and our roots run deep.

Reyes Farm continues to be family owned and operated by Ignacio Ruiz Reyes and Mimi Bizjak. In 2014 Ignacio and Mimi bought the original Bizjak Farm from her brother, who had been farming it since 2002. Louis and Maria Bizjak, who immigrated to Canada with their 6 children in 1976, originally established the farm. It has been in our family for over 40 years.

Ignacio, originally from Mexico, came to Canada over 11 years ago to work in the fruit orchards of Niagara. It was here that he found a passion for the land and the possibility to make an impact. In 2013, Ignacio and Mimi were married and purchased the family farm, where they live with their children, Luka, Ambar and Ignacio jr.